We're reshaping masculinities in ways that promote healthy, peaceful and social well-being for all in Africa.  

Who We Are

Founded in 2018 and led by people with lived-experiences, Boys Champions is a nonprofit organization focused on teaching social alternatives to violence and giving young boys the tools to become agents of peace, with a mission to end violence against women and girls.


We envision a world where all young boys, even in the most remote areas of the globe become responsible, while holding the power to create opportunities for themselves and others.


Through our life-changing mentorship programs for at-risk boys in Nigeria, Boys Champions is on a mission to raising young men who will respect, support and protect girls and women.


Positive masculinity means being kind, respectful and emotional, and knowing that violence in any form is never okay! This is what we teach our boys at BC.

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What We Do

We are disrupting and rebuilding an inequitable system. We turn isolation into connection so that no young boy has to walk the path to adulthood alone. We provide opportunity for connection and community building, while advancing boys’ skills, raising responsible men, and providing them with opportunities to be leaders. Through our programs, we’re raising young men who will respect, support and protect girls and women in Nigeria.

How We Do It

We look system-wide to identify opportunities for the greatest impact. Alongside lived experts, we engage across the ecosystem to create and co-implement novel, scalable solutions that will create a safer, equal and just world for all.

We work to ensure that boys and men take the lead in the war against violence against women and girls. Our theory of change focuses on involving men in positions of leadership and influence to engage other men and boys in efforts to eliminate violence against women and girls, and end gender inequalities, as a critical means to transform structural and institutional inequalities.


The rural communities communities we serve face severe neglect and lack of support. Within these communities, a distressing reality unfolds, as one in every four girls falls victim to rape perpetrated by boys and men. Furthermore, the absence of fathers in the lives of these boys contributes to a concerning trend: 71% of school dropouts among boys can be attributed to growing up without a father. This fatherlessness also has far-reaching consequences, as evidenced by the fact that 85% of youths in prisons have experienced the absence of a father figure during their upbringing.

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Offices: Abuja, Enugu & Washington DC

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