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Boys for Equality Framework

Gender-based violence is a pervasive issue affecting women and girls globally, rooted in harmful societal norms and gender stereotypes. Boys Champions recognizes that to create lasting change and end violence against women and girls, it is essential to address these attitudes and behaviors in young boys. Many boys grow up witnessing or experiencing violence, perpetuating the cycle of harm. Therefore, through our Boys for Equality Framework (BEF), Boys Champions intervenes early, by equipping our boys with the tools to challenge harmful masculinity and foster respect towards women.

Boys Champions implements a comprehensive gender equality programming that employs a positive masculinity framework. Through our capacity building, mentoring, sports, education, and empathy-building activities, our boys are encouraged to critically examine traditional gender roles and societal norms. The program fosters understanding and empathy, enabling our boys to relate to women respectfully and break free from harmful patterns of violence.

The Boys for Equality Framework encompases the following projects:

Our Approach

Boys Involvement Framework

Through a gender-specific framework, our boys undergo a 24-hour curriculum-based program over six weeks, where they learn valuable resiliency skills, actively challenge rape culture, and practice essential concepts such as consent, bystander intervention and preventive mechanisms.

Connection-based Recommendation

Through our connection-based recommendation approach, our programs establish a secure and supportive space for boys to openly share their struggles and experiences of abuse. We ensure they receive the necessary care by linking them to our network of reputable aftercare providers, who offer therapeutic support and other tailored-essential professional services.

Survivors Leading Change

In our "Survivors Leading Change" approach, we empower those who have healed from abuse and violence to become agents of transformation, ensuring they play a central role in reshaping the narrative around the very issue that once affected them. Through our Survivor to Leader program, we enable them to support and guide others who disclose abuse, facilitating healing journeys, and actively contribute to promoting a safer environment in schools.

Our programs aim to:

  • Foster gender-equitable attitudes in boys, equipping them with skills to identify and intervene in violence against women and girls.
  • Encourage disclosure among survivors of sexual violence and ensure they receive the necessary support.
  • Cultivate a generation of young leaders who advocate for gender equality.

Boys for Equality Framework training programs' objectives are:

  • Certification for both female and male instructors to deliver our curricula effectively.
  • Positive masculinity and bystander intervention training for boys aged 9-18.
  • A connection-based recommendation design that empowers survivors to lead in the fight against abuse and gender-based violence.
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