We are raising Champions to save the planet through climate actions

Champions for Climate Actions

In the face of escalating climate challenges, Nigeria is witnessing the harsh impacts of climate change through heightened floods, droughts, and coastal erosion. These changes are having a profound impact on the lives of people, especially women and children, and young persons with disabilities. This is the same globally but there is hope.

As a youth-led organization, we believe that climate change is a crucial battle for us as young people because its impacts will shape our future. Through this program, we combine climate education and grassroots climate actions, and mobilizing youth actions to create a just, equitable, and climate resilient world. We believe that we can turn these challenges into an opportunity if we empower these young people with green skills and give them the opportunities to address these challenges.

The disproportionate toll of human-induced climate change and biodiversity depletion is borne by regions and communities least culpable for its onset. This includes the youth, the elderly, the vulnerable, women and girls, and Indigenous groups, a vast majority hailing from the global south. Our actions are therefore driven through a human and planetary lens, built on the pillars of multilateralism, collaboration, and intergenerational solidarity.

Harnessing the force of climate education and the cultivation of sustainable green skills, we reshape the perspectives and actions of both young minds and adults. Our approach imparts them with the wisdom, competencies, mindsets, and behaviors to envision and effectuate a sustainable future. To breathe life into our workshops and conferences, we integrate avant-garde mediums such as art, music, dance, eco-fashion, and literary expression, alongside robust STEM education. Complementing these endeavors are on-the-ground campaigns aimed at expediting the realization of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our stride aligns with the United Nations directive of inclusivity, with a particular focus on emboldening the planet's most marginalized sectors—refugees, orphans, pandemic-affected communities, and those bereft of shelter.

Our focal domains span climate justice, social advancement, land preservation, clean water and sanitation, responsible production and consumption, harmonious coexistence, nuclear disarmament, gender parity, biodiversity safeguarding, renewable energy, and the reconstruction of a superior tomorrow through the promotion of localized circular economies.

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