Protect the children, for their innocence is the light of our future.

Child Abuse Prevention

All forms of violence against children, however light, are unacceptable. Every day, in all corners of the world, violence against children is a distressing reality: ranging from a parent's angry slaps to control a supposedly "unruly" child, to sexual victimization by peers or neighbors, bullying within school grounds, and emotional degradation endured by child brides at the hands of their spouses. While everyday violence may seem pervasive, it is essential to remember that it is not an inevitable aspect of life.

"At Boys Champions, our mission is to create a safe and nurturing world for every child, from the local to the global scale. Collaborating with diverse partners, including governments, international organizations, civil society, and children themselves, we tirelessly strive to prevent and address all types of violence faced by children – from online to school, media, home, play ground." - Noel Ifeanyi Alumona, CEO, Boys Champions


Every half a second, a child ventures into the online world for the first time. While this opens up a plethora of opportunities, it also exposes them to significant risks. With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing role of the internet in young lives, we proactively address digital risks and challenges to protect children from online harm. eSafety takes the lead in local and regional endeavors to ensure children's safety on the internet. As eSafety, we undertake the following initiatives:

  1. We invest in improve systems and develop innovative technological solutions to combat gender based violence and online threats that affect children.
  2. We actively generate new knowledge and evidence to identify effective strategies. Furthermore, we foster collaboration by connecting organizations from various sectors and convening discussions with governments, the public, and key stakeholders.
  3. We raise awareness and advocate for the prioritization of online child safety in policies, budgets, and business practices among governments, industries, and other essential stakeholders..

Sexual Abuse Prevention

Sexual abuse knows no borders, affecting 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 13 boys globally before the age of 18, often by someone they know in familiar settings. Boys Champions prioritizes Child Sexual Abuse Prevention through awareness campaigns, training for adults, and collaboration with law enforcement and services to protect children and create a safe environment. As an integral part of Boys Champions' comprehensive programs, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention is a top priority. We are steadfast in creating safe spaces and implementing effective strategies to protect children from abuse. Our initiatives encompass extensive awareness campaigns, equipping both children and adults with the knowledge to identify signs of abuse and respond appropriately. By providing specialized training to mentors, teachers, and parents, we empower them to offer essential support to children who may have experienced abuse, ensuring they access the necessary resources and referrals for professional assistance.

Ending Corporal Punishment

At Boys Champions, we are dedicated to preventing child abuse by advocating for and promoting the end of corporal punishment. Through comprehensive programs and awareness campaigns, we strive to foster positive and non-violent discipline methods, creating a safe and nurturing environment where children can flourish without fear of harm or violence.

Safe & Trauma-informed Schools

Creating safe and trauma-informed schools is crucial to providing an optimal learning environment for children. Through our implementation of practices that prioritize emotional safety, understanding, and sensitivity to trauma, schools can foster a supportive atmosphere where students feel empowered to thrive academically and emotionally. One key aspect of our program is through comprehensive training for caregivers, teachers, and paraprofessionals. By equipping these individuals with the knowledge and skills to recognize and respond to trauma allows them to create a compassionate and responsive support system for students who may have experienced adverse experiences. Through fostering our trauma-informed approach, the schools we work with tend to cultivate an inclusive and nurturing environment that enables every child to learn, grow, and flourish to their fullest potential.

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