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Policy, Advocacy & Campaigns

At Boys Champions, we actively engage in policy advocacy and impactful campaigns to end gender-based violence. By collaborating with key stakeholders and policymakers, our goal is to influence legislation and policies that prioritize gender equality and protection against violence. Through advocacy for the full implementation of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act (VAPP) of 2015 in Nigeria, which prohibits female genital mutilation, harmful widowhood practices, harmful traditional practices and all forms of violence against persons in both private and public life, and awareness-raising campaigns, we aim to challenge harmful norms and behaviors, promoting a culture of respect and gender equality.

Walk for Equality

Our "WALK for Equality" campaign encourages community participation in promoting gender equality. By organizing awareness walks and events, we raise public consciousness about the importance of ending gender-based violence. The goal is to foster solidarity, amplify voices, and advocate for a violence-free world where all genders can thrive with dignity and respect.

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