Hand-in-hand, we walk our young boys through into adulthood.

Boys Empowerment & Mentoring

The current state of many young men is one of disillusionment and discouragement, yearning for guidance and mentorship on how to navigate life and become effective leaders. Unfortunately, there appears to be a lack of individuals willing to offer support and direction to these young adults. In a world filled with men struggling with their roles, it raises concerns about the happiness and well-being of women. There is an urgent need to address this imbalance and cater to the desperate craving of young men for leadership and mentoring to foster a more equitable and fulfilled society.

These young boys grow up to become what they see and this is why our mentorship program is very important to our communities. Our mentors are carefully selected from a pool of applications and matched with our mentees to fit specific needs. Through this program, we strive to ensure that the struggles of young boys are eased.

Our Mentorship Model

9-13 Years Old:

At this stage, children enter the mentorship program, acclimating to the team and their mentors, providing a preventative measure against negative influences and gangs, while fostering positive relationships early on.

14-15 Years Old:

During adolescence, the impact of neighborhood negative influences intensifies, and our mentors actively engage in guiding and supporting the youth, providing crucial support as they navigate life's challenges, and offering opportunities like our summer camp for transformative experiences.

16-17 Years Old:

In this phase, we prepare the youth to thrive beyond the Boys Champions mentorship program, equipping them to become active and responsible citizens who contribute positively to their families and communities

Virtual Mentoring

Boys Champions has extended its impact through the launch of an Online-based mentorship platform, connecting eager young men with supportive mentors via live chat engines, the Online Mentorship Room, and Champions Call-lines. This virtual group mentoring model has proven highly successful, especially during the pandemic, fostering positive relationships between mentors, parents, and boys, transcending distance barriers and empowering boys to become the best version of themselves.

In-School Mentoring

Boys Champions firmly believes in the power of school-based mentoring to yield positive outcomes for young men. Mentored students exhibit more positive attitudes towards school, increased trust in their teachers, higher self-confidence, and improved emotional expression.

Open Community Mentoring

Our community-based mentoring model caters to middle and high school boys aged 12-17. The program includes weekly in-school and open community meetings. Through this approach, Boys Champions nurtures meaningful connections within the community, fostering growth and development in young men as they navigate their path to adulthood.

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