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Today, there are 1.2 billion young people aged 15 to 24 years, accounting for 16% of the global population. The highest percentage of youth live in the least developed countries. While youth potential has remained largely unfulfilled, young people's level of engagement in social issues has skyrocketed. According to the United Nations, youth are key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

With more than 75% of its people under the age of 35, Africa is undoubtedly the youngest continent in the world. Despite showing resilience and leadership skills, young Africans face enormous systemic challenges that hinder their ability to succeed in areas such as technology, entrepreneurship, and community service. Shaping the Future Young Professionals Program addresses the lack of opportunities, resources, and mentors faced by young Africans in scaling their skills, knowledge, and potential. This ongoing project provides a platform for young people to connect with experts, mentors, and resources in these areas, empowering them to use innovation and entrepreneurship to solve the world's biggest problems. Investing in the youth is critical to unlocking the continent's potential for sustainable development and economic growth, and this is our commitment at Shaping the Future.

The Young Professionals Program, through on-line and in-person mentorship events, invests in and empowers 200 young professionals annually with the resources they need to take entrepreneurial, leadership and community actions that creates a better world for us all.

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