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Teachers Development Program

In Nigeria, there has been a significant lack of comprehensive capacity building and teacher development opportunities. By partnering with renowned professors from esteemed institutions such as Vanderbilt University, Harvard, and Aquinas College in the USA, Boys Champions aims to bridge this gap. Through these partnerships, we have successfully trained over 200 teachers, providing them with world-class knowledge and expertise to create a nurturing and supportive learning environment.

Boys Champions' Teacher Development program is crucial in preventing child abuse, fostering a trauma-informed classroom, and enhancing learning outcomes. By empowering teachers with comprehensive training, we create a safe space for students, promoting empathy and dismantling harmful norms to combat gender-based violence.

Objectives of the Program:

  • Empower teachers with trauma-informed teaching practices to create a safe and supportive classroom environment.
  • Equip teachers with the skills to identify and respond to signs of child abuse, thereby contributing to child protection efforts.
  • Promote gender equality and awareness of gender-based violence through inclusive and equitable teaching methods.
  • Enhance learning outcomes for children by fostering a compassionate and engaging educational experience.


  • With professors from renowned institutions, including Vanderbilt University, Harvard, and Aquinas College, we’ve trained more than 200 teachers who presently possess advanced knowledge and expertise in trauma-informed teaching and child protection.
  • The trauma-informed classroom approach has led to improved emotional well-being and academic performance for more than 5,400 children.
  • Increased awareness and action against gender-based violence, fostering a more inclusive and respectful learning environment.

Through our Teacher Development program, Boys Champions is making significant strides in promoting child safety, supporting teachers, and advancing the cause of gender equality in Nigeria's educational landscape.

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